How to Join Konstella

We are still working to roll out Konstella, the new website and app the PTA is using for communication.  When you join, you will have access to a regularly updated calendar of school events, fundraisers and meetings, as well as a school directory.  You also will have access to sign-up sheets for PTA events and volunteers opportunities, the ability to join school committees, and have many school forms (like the Student Absence form! No more looking through your emails!) right at your fingertips.

To join, go to http://www.konstella.com/cd/ZWZYE8

Check out our YouTube site for some short tutorials on joining, and some of the useful features:
– “How to Join and Invite Others” Tutorial:  https://youtu.be/-lkjgfdikLU
– “How to Use Files and Links” Tutorial: https://youtu.be/YMlBBf4U6Zs
– “Intro to School Directory”: https://youtu.be/_K8KIYsXX0k
– “How to Join Committees (and Why You Should)” Tutorial: https://youtu.be/WM0Z0Xac3K4

It takes less than five minutes to sign up, and the more Laurelhurst families we have on there, the more useful the site becomes. From there, you will enter your email address, and Konstella will send you a link to join the Laurelhurst School Konstella website.  You create your account (takes less than 5 minutes), download the app, and assign your child(ren) to the appropriate classrooms, and you’re ready to go!  (Note: you can access and use Konstella from both the app on your device, and through the website on a computer.)

Once you’ve created an account, you can also invite other parents and caregivers to join! Make sure you are logged onto the website (not the app), and take a look at the left-hand task bar for the green “Invite” button.  Click on this button, and you can enter in individual email addresses.  (Make sure to click the orange “Send Invitation Email” at the bottom of the screen once you’re done).